Guest Info

Welcome to Oswego Lake Country Club.  We strive to create an environment that is relaxing, yet worthy of our reputation as a premier private and family club facility.  With golf as the central offering of our Club, Members and guests are expected to observe the rules of golf and to practice proper golf course etiquette at all times.

Dress Code

Proper attire while at Oswego Lake Country Club is not only important in the clubhouse, but also on the golf course and surrounding areas of the club.

  • Sleeved golf or sport shirts with collar, tucked in at all times
  • Golf slacks or golf shorts (tailored to mid-thigh)
  • For ladies, sleeveless shirts with a collar, or collarless shirts with a sleeve
  • Golf skirts, dresses & shorts of appropriate length (mid-thigh or longer)
  • Shirts with tailored bottoms designed to be worn out (clubhouse only)
  • Business attire, business casual and denim throughout the clubhouse
  • Caps, hats & visors must be worn with the bill facing forward
  • Swim apparel with a proper cover-up, on the upper deck area

Not Permitted:

  • Denim on the golf course or practice areas
  • "Cut offs" or denim with rips, holes or exposure
  • Tee shirts, muscle shirts, jogging suits, hoodies, athletic gear, yoga pants and leggings without a skirt
  • Swim apparel of any kind in the clubhouse
  • Hats and visors inside clubhouse dining areas

Pace of play

All players are expected to abide by the following:

  • Complete their round in four hours
  • Always keep up with the group ahead
  • Play "ready golf"
  • Wave the following group through if for any reason there is more than one open hole in front of your group.

Course Stewardship

By acknowledging our 'maintenance' role, members and guests will show respect for the course and ensure good and fair conditions for all players.

  • Repair all ball marks
  • Replace and repair all divots
  • Rake all bunkers and tap sand from shoes before stepping on the green
  • Strictly observe cart rules and signs

mobile devices

The ringing of mobile devices and mobile phone conversations are a distraction to golfers.  Therefore, use of a cellular phone, smart phone, electronic tablet, or other electronic device in its audio mode is not permitted in any area of the clubhouse, Pro Shop or practice areas.  Even in areas where mobile phone use is allowed, the spirit of our policy is that no one should ever hear a phone ring or ever have to hear anyone talking on the phone.